Naturalist 25th Anniversary Edition

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Panel Mania: ‘Naturalist: A Graphic Adaptation’


Acclaimed science-comics writer Jim Ottaviani and artist C.M. Butzer team with the celebrated biologist and naturalist Edward O. Wilson to turn Naturalist, his 1994 memoir, into an equally delightful and engrossing graphic work that documents his life and highlights the importance of his career as a biologist.

In this 13-page excerpt, Wilson, in love and recently engaged, heads to New Guinea in 1954 to study his specialty, ants, alone and without high-tech devices, in an intriguing look at how a scientific field investigations were once conducted.

Edward O. Wilson’s Naturalist: A Graphic Adaptation by Jim Ottaviani and C.M. Butzer will be published in November by Island Press.

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