Panel Mania: ‘Tyler Cross: Angola’ by Fabien Nury and Brüno

In this excerpt from Tyler Cross: Angola, Fabien Nury and Brüno’s 1940s criminal antihero finds himself imprisoned in Louisiana’s notoriously brutal Angola State Prison after an easy insurance scam turns into a doublecross. Tough, taciturn, and relentless, Cross plots his escape, and his revenge, against a backdrop of back-breaking chain gang labor, vicious beatings, and a murderous Mafia takeover of the prison that turns inmates’ forced labor into profits for organized crime. Eventually, Cross makes them all pay for his suffering in this stylishly grim Euro-comics homage to American noir. Tyler Cross: Angola will be published this month by Hard Case Crime Comics.

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Panel Mania: ‘No Ivy League’ by Hazel Newlevant

In the forthcoming graphic memoir No Ivy League, Hazel Newlevant looks back on the summer when they were 17 years old and worked a seasonal job clearing ivy from the forest around Portland, Ore., where Newlevant grew up.

Homeschooled, affluent, and insulated, Newlevant is working for the first time alongside teens of different backgrounds, races, and social standings, and is soon forced to confront illusions about the world, white privilege, and Portland’s history of racial segregation.

No Ivy League will published by Roar, Lion Forge’s YA imprint, in August.

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Panel Mania: ‘A Fire Story’ by Brian Fies

In October 2017, a devastating wildfire destroyed the home of cartoonist Brian Fies along with 6,200 other homes in Northern California. A Fire Story is an unflinching account of the experiences of Fies, his family, and their neighbors—from losing their homes and all their possessions to the community’s determination to rebuild—just before and in the aftermath of the destruction.
Originally published as a webcomic immediately after the fire, Fies’s bracing and detailed account has been expanded into a powerful work of graphic nonfiction, created as a tribute to the survivors.
The Millions is pleased to offer readers a 10-page excerpt from A Fire Story, which will be published by Abrams ComicArts in March. 


This piece was produced in partnership with Publishers Weekly and originally appeared on