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The Millions Staff

C. Max Magee | FOUNDER

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Adam Boretz | Editor

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Sophia Stewart | Interim Editor

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Carolyn Quimby | Associate Editor

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Sonya Chung | Contributing Editor

read Sonya | Bloom

Garth Risk Hallberg | Contributing Editor

read Garth

Lydia Kiesling | Contributing Editor

read Lydia | e-mail Lydia |

Edan Lepucki | Contributing Editor

read Edan | e-mail Edan | @edanl |

Chigozie Obioma | Contributing Editor

read Chigozie | Website | @ChigozieObioma

Nick Ripatrazone | Contributing Editor

read Nick | e-mail Nick | @nickripatrazone

Kirstin Butler | Contributing Editor

e-mail Kirstin | @kirstinbutler

Nick Moran | Special Projects Editor

read Nick | e-mail Nick | @nemoran3

Thomas Beckwith | Staff Writer

read Thom | e-mail Thom | @tdbeckwith

Michael Bourne | Staff Writer

read Michael | e-mail Michael |

Claire Cameron | Staff Writer

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Kate Gavino | Staff Writer

read Kate| | @kategavino

Hannah Gersen | Staff Writer

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Jacqueline Krass | Staff Writer

e-mail Jacqueline

Jacob Lambert | Staff Writer

read Jacob | @Jacob_Lambert

Marie Myung-Ok Lee | Staff Writer

read Marie | e-mail Marie@MarieMyungOkLee@MarieLeeWriter

Kaulie Lewis | Staff Writer

read Kaulie | e-mail Kaulie | @kaulielewis |

Emily St. John Mandel | Staff Writer

read Emily | e-mail Emily |

Elizabeth Minkel | Staff Writer

read Elizabeth | e-mail Elizabeth | @elizabethminkel | Tumblr

Bill Morris | Staff Writer

read Bill | e-mail Bill

Ismail Muhammad | Staff Writer

read Ismail | e-mail Ismail | @trapmotives | @trapmotifs

Mark O’Connell | Staff Writer

read Mark | e-mail Mark | @mrkocnnll |

Janet Potter | Staff Writer

read Janet | e-mail Janet | @sojanetpotter | At Times Dull

Adam O’Fallon Price | Staff Writer

read Adam | e-mail Adam | @AdamOPrice |

Ed Simon | Staff Writer

read Ed | e-mail Ed | @WithEdSimon |

Jianan Qian  | Staff Writer

read Jianan | e-mail Jianan

Il’ja Rákoš  | Staff Writer

read Il’ja | e-mail Il’ja | @vchorashniy |

Zoë Ruiz | Staff Writer

e-mail Zoë | @ruizzoe | Website

Michael Schaub | Staff Writer

read Michael | e-mail Michael | @michaelschaub

Matt Seidel | Staff Writer

read Matt | e-mail Matt | @seidel_matt |

Anne K. Yoder | Staff Writer

read Anne | e-mail Anne


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