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“April is the Cruelest Month…”


Thursday, April 17th, is the first national Poem in Your Pocket Day. To celebrate, carry around one of your favorite poems in – you guessed it – your pocket, and share it with anyone who will listen. You can download and print poems for the occasion at Poets.org. Or, if you’re more technologically savvy, simply carry around your iPhone and play for your friends and family a poem from Continental Review, an online magazine which features video readings of poetry. (I highly recommend those by Kiki Petrosino)At the Vroman’s bookstore blog, our very own Patrick Brown is honoring National Poetry Month by posting and discussing a poem a day. So far he’s covered, among others, Anne Sexton, Robert Hass, and Edward Hirsch, whose new collection Special Orders, came out in March.If you need more inspiration to read (and buy!) poetry this April, try this, or this, or this.

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