Knots: Stories

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Tuesday New Release Day: Platzer; Hudson; Khong; Sharma; √ėyehaug; Brownrigg; Cohen


Out this week:¬†Bed-Stuy Is Burning¬†by¬†Brian Platzer;¬†Gork, the Teenage Dragon¬†by¬†Gabe Hudson;¬†Goodbye, Vitamin¬†by¬†Rachel Khong;¬†A Life of Adventure and Delight¬†by¬†Akhil Sharma;¬†Knots¬†by¬†Gunnhild √ėyehaug; Pages for Her¬†by¬†Sylvia Brownrigg; and¬†Moving Kings¬†by¬†Joshua Cohen. For more on these and other new titles, go read our just-published¬†book preview.

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