Booker Shortlist Has Big Names But No Mitchell

September 7, 2010 | 6 books mentioned 2

Well-known established writers like Peter Carey and Andrea Levy and up and coming author Tom McCarthy made the 2010 Booker shortlist, while David Mitchell, probably the best-known name on the longlist, failed to make the cut. The longlist was offered here with some excerpts a month ago, but since you might not have gotten around to them then, we’ll offer the same with the shortlist below.


  1. Figures. If Thousand Autumns… had been nominated, it would not have won. David Mitchell got too popular too quickly, which turns off the people who make up these lists. You can also strike off Carey and Levy, the two most prominent names here — the winner will come from among the remaining four nominees.

  2. Tom B — Does the absence of Mitchell foretell that the same thing will happen when Franzen’s name pops up next year for his latest? All right by me. I’m only 20 or so pages into Thousand Autumns and am having trouble trying to pronounce the names of the myriad characters and keep up with who’s who. Hoping not to have to apply the Rule of 50.

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