The Booker’s Dozen: The 2010 Booker Longlist

July 27, 2010 | 8 books mentioned 10

With the unveiling of the Booker Prize longlist, the 2010 literary Prize season is officially underway. As is typically the case, the list offers a mix of exciting new names, relative unknowns and beloved standbys. The instant favorites to win for most readers will be David Mitchell, Peter Carey, and, though he is something of a newly minted literary superstar, Tom McCarthy. Several of the books named appeared on our “most anticipated” lists for the first and second halves of 2010.

All the Booker Prize longlisters are below (with excerpts where available):


created The Millions and is its publisher. He and his family live in New Jersey.


  1. Glad to see The Slap on the list. I’ve been hyping this novel everywhere. Hopefully this will win it the readership it deserves.

  2. Great to see The Slap – very good.

    Tom McCarthy. Well, he’s the hot media thing right now and I’ve not read C yet, but I did read Remainder and thought it was an interesting idea very very badly executed. Not sure he deserves to be in.

    David Mitchell. Ignored for too long, he should have won in back in ’99 when Ghostwritten came out – his last one and this one are poor efforts compared to his other stuff. hmm..

  3. Completely agree with Simon regarding McCarthy and Remainder.

    Great to see Galgut nominated (again?). Love his work, wish it were published with greater speed here in the US. Lags almost like a translation would. Highly recommend The Good Doctor.

  4. In time-honored fashion, I haven’t read a single book on the longlist. I guess I get to the Mitchell sooner and the Carey later and whoever wins the whole thing in due course.

    I was disappointed enough by Solar not to mind its omission, but I’m almost finished The Pregnant Widow and I can’t believe there are 12 more satisfying works published this year.

  5. I love Damon Galgut. I’m fairly certain and excerpt of this new novel ran in the Paris Review a year or so ago. The Good Doctor was very good. I think Rose Tremain is pretty great, too.

  6. A historical novel won last year, so that may hurt Mitchell and Carey. I expect the winner to be one of the lesser known authors. (The Mitchell and Carey are both on my to-be-read piles.)

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