Create Dangerously: The Immigrant Artist at Work (Vintage Contemporaries)

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A Year in Reading: Sandra Cisneros


Create Dangerously by Edwidge Danticat came to me when I was feeling despondent and at a loss because of the dangerous Mexiphobic times we are living. It inspires me to write from a place that can make change in the world during a time of mendacity and fear.

Cervantes Street, Jaime Manrique’s magnificent novel, is a fabulous tale of the life of Miguel de Cervantes, an extraordinary portrait of a writer’s life created from fact and imagination. I read it in bed over two or three days, never wanting the tale to end. Manrique is our Scheherazade.

Joy Harjo’s Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings: Harjo writes: “Then, you must do this: help the next person find their way through the dark.” Her poetry is light and elixir, the very best prescription for us in wounded times.

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