Tuesday New Release Day: Nunez; Jones; Cassara; Mailhot; Halliday; Lazarin; Cantú; Oloomi; Smith

February 6, 2018 | 7 books mentioned 1

Out this week: The Friend by Sigrid NunezAn American Marriage by Tayari JonesHouse of Impossible Beauties by Joseph CassaraHeart Berries by Terese MailhotAsymmetry by Lisa HallidayBack Talk by Danielle Lazarin; The Line Becomes a River by Francisco CantúCall Me Zebra by Azareen Van der Vliet Oloomi; and Feel Free by Zadie Smith.

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  1. I just finished The Friend by the great Sigrid Nunez. Utterly blown away. I gobbled delicious literary references which are scattered throughout the novel like bon mots that I read over and over and underlined and underlined. I cried and laughed. This wonderful, unconventionally structured novel may be my favourite of 2018. Nunez, right up there with Paula Fox.

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