Unhappy Birthday to White Noise

February 18, 2010 | 2 books mentioned 3

What’s with the Don DeLillo pile-on? The folks at Slate post a long audio conversation about White Noise, with one participant calling the novel “flagrantly bad.” I disagree…but then, I kind of liked Point Omega, too.

is the author of City on Fire and A Field Guide to the North American Family. In 2017, he was named one of Granta's Best Young American Novelists.


  1. Jealousy? Critical fashion? I think Point Omega is his best since Underworld. Do they want everything spelled out and nailed down for them? DeLillo doesn’t play that game.

  2. When you go to prison, you find the biggest guy in the cell block and bash his head in. Running down a great writer like DeLillo is a way for these lesser lights to establish cred.

    In fifty years, we’ll still be reading DeLillo. The naysayers will be forgotten.

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