A Pained Intuition and a Palpable Longing: Katie Ford on Theology, Poetry, and the Unknowable

What prayer and poetry have in common is that they both must be revised. I think people need to witness what they are actually saying in their prayers.

Light in the West and Shadows in the East

Beauty is not what we see in the light, but how we imagine what we cannot see.

Words, Ever Unreliable: The Millions Interviews Zoje Stage

To a certain degree, Hanna knows she'll lose her identity if she begins speaking, and that frightens her. Who will she become?

You Don’t Have Privacy, so Instead You Have Secrecy: The Millions Interviews D. Wystan Owen

I think the reason I like books is because you get to enter into this world where you’re alone. You enter this world where you don’t even exist.

Sharpshooters and Tall Tales: On John Larison’s ‘Whiskey When We’re Dry’

What makes a tall tale like “Whiskey When We’re Dry” so distinctly American, though, is its interest in chronicling the individual rather than the past.

When the Wreckage Is in the Writer: On Creating Death and Disaster

I find myself asking as I walk down a supermarket aisle: Why do my stories tend toward dread and disaster? Why can’t I write something with a happy ending?

Making Things Up: The Millions Interviews Elliot Reed

This goes back to my brief tenure as the head writer of the blog “How to Start Your Own Handyman Business.” I am not a handyman. Never have been.