To Translate or Not to Translate

"A good translation, Han’s subconscious seems to suggest, is a living, breathing thing, which must be understood on its own terms, discovered from beneath the great white sheet." The New Yorker explores Han Kang's novels and the complex nature of translation. From our archives: The Millions review of Kang's The Vegetarian and an essay on what gets lost (and transformed) in translation.

Dead Men May Tell Tales

"The eradication of Terry Pratchett’s unfinished works, the zeros and ones of his hard drive ground into the earth at the Great Dorset Steam Fair, is an imaginative exception to the rule." The Paris Review questions how we publish an authors posthumous works and whether there's a better way to do so. Pair with: our 2017 Select Literary Obituaries.

Haiti’s Resilience: A Literary List

Yesterday marked eight years since a devastating earthquake struck Haiti and a few days ago Trump put the country back in the news (but not in an reflective or uplifting way). Looking to learn more about Haiti sans racist rhetoric? The New York Times has "three books by Haitian writers that provide insight into the country’s history of struggle and resistance." Find the list here.

Join David Bowie’s Book Club

David Bowie was quite the avid reader. In his honor, his son, Duncan Jones, has launched an online book club that will focus on books Bowie enjoyed. The first book is Hawksmoor and the discussion is on February 1st. Will you be participating?

Comedians Talk Writing Books

It may feel like you've been saying more and more books lately written by comedians. And your initial hunch would be correct, publishers are increasingly buying books written by comedians. Nylon explores why this is the case.

On Carmen Maria Machado’s Body Horrors

Though Her Body and Other Parties centers on women’s lives, at the margins lurks the ultimate source of the horrors that haunt them: men.

Consider the Love of Monsters

Dorothy wonders what it even means to feel “embarrassment” in the situation of sex with a six-foot-seven-inch aquatic monster-man. The upshot is: no shame. They spend the rest of the day having sex all over the house.

Words Can Sustain and Save Us: The Millions Interviews Marie Howe

If people don’t turn to art and they don’t turn to religion, we’re left with consumerism.

On Refuge

Those enclosed in reservations and walled compounds and private estates are not perhaps always as privileged as they think they are.

Those Who Left Us: Select Literary Obituaries of 2017

Poets, editors, songwriters, teachers, journalists, novelists—some great writers and some under-sung ones left us this year. Here is a selective compendium of literary obituaries from 2017.