To the Moon and Back

David Seed looks back on more than two millennia of the moon in literature, from Galileo to Jules Verne to Johannes Kepler to Edgar Allan Poe.

Edwidge Danticat Depicts a New Haiti

Some of the characters have never experienced the horrors that the author’s earlier characters fled; many live in America. The island feels more ethereal.

I Am Loudermilk: The Millions Interviews Lucy Ives

When I write fiction I often discover I know a great deal more about the fictional world (and the fictional people in it) than I know about the real world.

Thirteen Songs That Prove Lou Reed Was a Literary Master

Reed brought an informed, sophisticated writer’s eye to the kinds of underworlds he observed, and his sense of language was as keen as a journalist’s.

At Home with Sara Borjas

In an interview with Leticia Urieta, poet Sara Borjas reflects on writing about love, family, and identity, as well as building a Latinx community.

Ibram X. Kendi Has a Blueprint for How to Be Antiracist

When you are facing death, you look around and think about what you want to do before you die. Near the top of my list was finishing this book.

Mitchell Zuckoff on Writing His 9/11 Magnum Opus

It was the deepest dive I have ever taken. As much as I care about all of the work I’ve done, I knew I would never tell a more important story than this.

‘Let’s Hope for the Best’: Featured Fiction from Carolina Setterwall

I take out my phone and snap a picture. You are two brothers and a father who will never again meet in this life, but nobody knows that yet.

If You Haven’t Seen ‘Billions’ Yet, You Should

There’s more to it than the least common denominators of the prestige drama: it's demonstrated the adaptability of a live organism evolving with our times.