Whatever Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah Needs the World to Do, He Creates Something to Do It

It wasn’t until later on in college that I wanted to be a writer. I was never around other writers so I didn’t know that’s what a human like me could be.

Remembering Shiva Naipaul

His books are long out of print, basically forgotten. And when they were current, his last name always overshadowed his first.

Leonard Cohen and Zen

This seemed to be Leonard’s way. He transformed the world into his image of it. Those of us who were around were brought into a land of ancient poetic lore.

To Make a World of Words: ‘The William H. Gass Reader’

6. William H. Gass genuinely, audaciously, absolutely loved words. Language seemed an infinite gift that he grasped. A typographic deity.

Beautiful Living Things: A Farewell to ‘Glimmer Train’

Glimmer Train stories, well—they told a story. It was a place, cornball as it might sound, to explore the human heart.

Unreliable Unreliable Narrators

All first-person narrators are unreliable. This is less a structural feature of storytelling and more a structural feature of the human condition.

No Mexico, No Europe: The Millions Interviews Álvaro Enrigue

What happened in the middle there? Greed. That was the generation that discovered, “Huh, we can own the world. The world is something you can handle.”

Seeing the Forest for the Trees: ‘The Overstory’ and ‘Eucalyptus’

The frequency, specificity, consistency, and overarching structure in Eucalyptus and The Overstory transcend typical well-considered similes of other works.