‘Leading Men’: Featured Fiction by Christopher Castellani

Frank should have told him then and there that he loved him and would never leave him. Not how much he loved him, which was very much, but that he loved him at all.

Isabelle Eberhardt, Dependent on Chance

The Paris Review's excellent column, "Feminize Your Canon," returns with Isabelle Eberhardt, a cross-dressing Swiss explorer and author who published under a male pseudonym as a teenager.

A Voice of Our Own: Debra Jo Immergut in Conversation with Lisa Gornick

There is no correct way to be a writer: We each have to find our own way that works for our personality and within our circumstances.

Obscene and Digitized at Last

Need a giggle? You can now access the British Library’s collection of obscene writing online, which have previously been locked up for over a century. The newly digitized collection includes the works of the Marquis de Sade, Thomas Stretzer, and more.

Sandra Cisneros Goes International

Mexican-American novelist Sandra Cisneros was awarded the PEN/Nabokov Award for Achievement in International Literature, judged by a panel that consisted of authors Alexander Chee, Edwidge Danticat, and Valeria Luiselli. Since the publication of her groundbreaking novel, The House on Mango Street, Cisneros has influenced generations of writers – as noted in our recent conversation between Ada Limón and Erika Sánchez.

Post-Apocalypse Now: The Hard Work of Cli-Fi

What will our future look like? How fast and for how long will things change? Are we mentally and physically prepared to deal with the impacts of these changes on our communities and socioeconomic structures?

Dear John: Benedict Wells in Conversation with John Irving

Fear can paralyze me, but it also fires up my imagination, opens doors, and creates images I have at my disposal when I tell stories.

A Unified Theory of Doughnuts

For LitHub, Elizabeth McCracken proposes, at last, a unified theory of doughnuts: “Perhaps I cling to doughnuts because doughnuts still exist in the world, though Woolworth’s and Howard Johnson’ses don’t.”

Must-Read Poetry: February 2019

Here are six notable books of poetry publishing in February.