Summer Marketing Season

It’s that time again. Out come the bathing suits, floppy hats, and…beach-focused marketing campaigns? For Vulture, Allison Duncan dissects the category of the “beach read,” noting that the typical beach read is written by a woman, and is probably not about the Byzantine Empire—unless that’s what you’re into? “If historical nonfiction has a place in your beach bag,” Duncan writes, “then it’s a beach read.” For the most part, of course, “the best beach reads go down like Hallmark holiday movies—and I mean that in the best possible way.” The beach read, it turns out, contains multitudes.

is an aspiring academic born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She's just moved to Madison, Wisconsin for a PhD in English, and hopes to use the next several years to get really into eating cheese curds and having "a mind of winter," as per Wallace Stevens.

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