Panel Mania: ‘The Silent Invasion’ by Michael Cherkas and Larry Hancock

May 10, 2019 | 1 book mentioned

First published in 1999 and revived last year, Michael Cherkas and Larry Hancock’s The Silent Invasion is back with another volume of the original material.

Filtered through the lens of anti-communist witch hunts, alien flying saucers, and loopy cult conspiracies, The Silent Invasion is a byzantine sci-fi mystery/thriller that stylishly recreates 1950s middle-class America in all its kooky, paranoid glory.

In this 13-page preview, dogged reporter Matt Sinkage is on the run from mysterious forces and determined to uncover the truth about an alien invasion.

The Silent Invasion: The Great Fear Vol. 2 will be published this month by NBM.

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