Introducing Bong Crosby

March 11, 2016 | 1 book mentioned 1

Welcome to a new episode of The Book Report presented by The Millions! This week, Janet and Mike talk about two books they enjoyed. Or, more specifically, one book that Janet enjoyed and one book that Mike mostly enjoyed but Janet did not enjoy. They don’t always have to agree on everything, okay?

covercoverDiscussed in this episode: twirly chairs, “housesitting” (breaking and entering), wine, The Lost Time Accidents by John Wray, time, physics, the Czech Republic, watch factories, Nazi war criminals, the Church of Scientology but not really, science fiction, Leo Rosten but not really, Dog Run Moon by Callan Wink, the Battle of the Little Bighorn, Gen. George Armstrong Custer, exotic game, Western masculinity, fishing.

Dialogue cut from this episode because Mike was holding a three-foot-long water pipe that he likes to call “Bong Crosby” while saying it: “But, Janet, I mean, what if, like, time isn’t…I mean, what if it’s all just some kind of illusion? Like, have you ever really thought about…wait, hold on, I dropped a Dorito. Never mind, the dog got it. Anyway, what was I saying?”

The Book Report is everyone's favorite weekly, literary show. Hosted by Janet Potter and Michael Schaub.

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  1. Great call on “Dog Run Moon”. Wink shows a pretty deft touch in his spare prose, and in the way he captured the space, the isolation of the West. They were all good, but I found “Off the Track” and “In Hindsight” particularly powerful.

    Thanks for this.

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