The Book Report: Episode 36: ‘The Lightkeepers’

January 29, 2016 | 1 book mentioned 4

Welcome to a new episode of The Book Report presented by The Millions! This week, Janet and Mike talk about Abby Geni’s The Lightkeepers, which — spoiler alert — they both loved.

coverMentioned in this episode: nature photography, the Farallon Islands, biology, Agatha Christie, food chains, wild animals, sharks, whales, seals, birds.

Mentioned in this episode, but cut because it contains spoilers: the twist ending where it turns out IT WAS ALL A DREAM. Just kidding. That doesn’t really happen. OR DOES IT? No.

Once you’ve finished the book — so good, right? — you can watch this bonus episode in which Mike and Janet discuss the ending.

The Book Report is everyone's favorite weekly, literary show. Hosted by Janet Potter and Michael Schaub.


  1. Great review — it’s killing me not to view your spoiler reel — will be looking for the book — thanks for not spoiling it!

  2. Love the show ! I am a bit disappointed in your lack of reading the oldies but goodies! The oldies were great because they were the firsts ! It is something about realizing what period of history a book was actual written and then reading the book as though you were there . Of course , it takes a stretch of your imagination to enjoy that time travel ,but when you escape to that place and time , you may find a novel in its most newest form to that year and realize the reason it was a classic and why it set precedent for similar stories to be created. Firsts are fun! Asimov’s science fiction series is still classics with most science fiction readers today. Dune was considered a classic too , but it is time for a good remake of the movie. At the time , it fit the book . You really have to place yourself in the mood to read a period piece like The Scarlet Letter and Far From the Madding Crowd . Some of the period pieces I loved were Wuthering Heights as a girl, Jane Eyre was kind of spooky and romantic when I was a girl, and then came better Tess of the Dubbervilles ( tragic) , Anna Karenna and you can really see what happens when the mistress does get her man , Leo Toystoy’s War and Peace may be long ,but it contains so much about life that you will read it very quickly . Great Expectations is one of my very favorite Dicken’s . It is amazingly relevant to this day as you can see the modern movie with Gweneth Paltrow before she became such a —– ! Well , she plays the roll well too ! HA! I can suggest many more Dicken’s . I love William Faulkner because he is complex and the South and its people are complex ! Gone With the Wind is an Awesome classic that is different when you read the book. You appreciate the movie too ,but the book gives you the full masterpiece . The Great Gatsby cannot be understood without reading the book. F.Scott Fitzgerald’s works are the roaring twenties ! Prohibition was real ! Can you believe that men would really drink moonshine and wild women were wilder because they would have Coca Cola with Cocaine included ! See how much literary fun you could be missing if you give it a try. Just pick a contemporary author you really like that has work before 1980 and some after and is still publishing. Then watch how their style changed and see what you think? Cormac McCarthy is one successful writer like this ! Stephen King is too! Many more too!

    You know why , I say this ? I was an English teacher and Creative Writing teacher for fifteen years. I read it all old and new !!! My most favorite book last year was a book I missed in the year before called , All the Light We Cannot See ! To this day I cannot stop thinking about the characters in that book. The word “Light” means so many things to me ! I am a teacher, seeker, reader, writer, photographer , giver , and my name is Dawn !
    Enjoy life, live , laugh,love, escape time, share , read … Dawn ~ the giver , I love

  3. So sorry , my above comment was posted under the wrong episode ! It refers to an earlier episode I listened to about regrets in reads of 2015 . I happened to watch three episodes all at one time . Please do not eliminate my post above. I think they will like it or I would hope they might. I put my heart in the comment .
    About the book , The Lightkeepers, I was happy to be reassured that I had already chosen a great book to read . I have it on my to be read next stack right now ! I really enjoy the show !
    Sincerely ~ Dawn

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