The Book Report: Episode 8: ‘The Mad and the Bad’ by Jean-Patrick Manchette

January 30, 2015 | 1 book mentioned 2

Welcome to a new episode of The Book Report presented by The Millions!

coverThis week, Mike talks about Jean-Patrick Manchette’s The Mad and the Bad, and we beg American publishers to bring more violent nihilism to the literary scene. We are kind, gentle people, but sometimes we like reading about murderers, and there is nothing wrong with that. At least according to Mike’s therapist. (Mike’s therapist is a dog.)

Also discussed in this episode: Care Bears, hacksaws, plane crashes, orphans, insane asylums, France, spoiled brats, Breaking Bad, Cormac McCarthy, Chuck Palahniuk, and morals.

Not discussed in this episode: the fact that the original French title of this book is O dingos, O chateaux!, which is possibly the best title ever, rainbows, ponies, cookies, and hugs.

The Book Report is everyone's favorite weekly, literary show. Hosted by Janet Potter and Michael Schaub.


  1. Another great lil episode. Makes me want to check out this book. I, too, wish there was a lot more violent nihilism in American fiction.

  2. These are so good. I had to binge watch the first few episodes after I’d found you, but now I’m all caught up.

    What determines your choices? Do you take requests? Any plans for something longer than the 5 minute episodes? Seriously. These are fun and helpful and full of all the insane association that results from good lit. Anyway, thanks.

    And this will sound odd, but you guys are a welcome break from the war.

    peace from Kiev,


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