In love with the entire family

December 27, 2014 | 1 book mentioned 1

We’re a little late to The Guardian‘s Families in Literature series, which includes essays on everyone from the March sisters to the Moomins and has been running for the last few weeks. A particular favorite is Moira Redmond‘s look at Brideshead Revisited‘s Flytes and the strange but true power of falling in love with an entire family, which pairs well with our own Lydia Kiesling‘s Modern Library Revue of the novel.

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  1. O the Flytes! And Howards End, and the ways Zadie Smith worked so much of this other-family-love into On Beauty and White Teeth.

    There is something lovely about the way you can become part of another family growing up– a kind of access you rarely get again as a grown up. Maybe you get it in certain kinds of communal communities. Think I’ve heard it in the way veterans talk about their military experience, and think I’ve caught glimpses of it at artist residencies.

    Look forward to reading all of these– thanks again.

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