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November 26, 2014 | 3 books mentioned 1

As part of the latest chapter of the McConnaissance, Matthew McConaughey has been tipped to star in The Stand, the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s famous novel. McConnaughey is expected to play Randall Flagg, the malevolent sorcerer and necromancer. In the words of director Josh Boone, who also directed The Fault in our Stars, the movie will be “the Godfather of post-apocalyptic thrillers.” This might be a good time to read our own Lydia Kiesling on growing up with Stephen King.

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  1. Any director who compares a movie he hasn’t even made to The Godfather is already setting himself up for failure and is probably a hack to begin with. Just because your teen weepie made a hundred million dollars doesn’t mean you’re a genius. But in a culture that equates money with intelligence I’m not surprised to hear this guy thinks this way about himself.

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