Waffle House Accuracy

April 2, 2014 | 1 book mentioned 1

If your characters go on a road trip, do you have to take one, too? When Mary Miller wrote The Last Days of California about a family driving from Alabama to California to meet the rapture, she hadn’t even been to the desert herself. To ensure it was accurate, though, she mapped important destinations on the route. “For Western Louisiana, I thought, ‘Is there actually a Waffle House within forty miles of this border?’ because I wanted it to be accurate. So I had maps, and I was tracking mileage,” she told Down & Out.

is an associate editor for The Millions and an editor in Atlanta. She tweets at @temalone.

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  1. Donna Tartt says that when she had Theo Decker go by Greyhound from Las Vegas to New York, she simply grabbed all the relevant timetables and let her imagination do the rest.

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