Branching Out

March 4, 2014 | 3 books mentioned 1

Is it possible to read fiction by an actor without thinking of them as the character that made them famous? It’s a question many people asked when reading James Franco, and it’s a question they’re likely to ask again when reading One More Thing, a new book of short stories by The Office star B. J. Novak. At Open Letters Monthly, Justin Hickey reviews Novak’s collection.

is a staff writer for The Millions and an MFA candidate at Johns Hopkins. Prior to coming to Baltimore, he studied literature and worked in IT while living in Dublin, Ireland. You can find him on Twitter at @tdbeckwith.

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  1. Well, I didn’t think about Star Trek once while I was reading Teklab. And in a related vein, I bought Riding the Snake because Stephen J. Cannell (producer of many hit TV shows, including The A-Team) wrote it (and I like Asian stuff), but I didn’t even have the 12 Jumpstreet theme in my head.

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