The Drama of Rejection

February 28, 2014 | 1

We’ve all been rejected; after all, we’re writers. Yet sometimes it’s nice to know someone has it worse than you. With that in mind, New Hampshire Public Radio presents dramatic readings of famous rejection letters. Pair with: Our ask a writing teacher on rejection from various literary journals.

is an associate editor for The Millions and an editor in Atlanta. She tweets at @temalone.

One comment:

  1. “Lullaby For A Rejected Poem” – M. A. Murphy

    I sent my baby lovingly out
    Sizzling and popping child of my brain
    How would he fair in the wide wide world
    How to prepare him and spare him from pain?

    Exiled to a cabinet, under a book
    The erstwhile suitor refuses to look at
    My child! My child! And so I decide
    To take him on home to my own fireside

    We cuddle together
    I lovingly peep
    Once every so often
    Shh! Baby’s asleep!

    Tomorrow we venture out
    Rested once more
    To whatever reception waits outside the door

    (P.S. It’s especially irritating when someone ASKS to see something, then never gets around to reading it. Urrrrgh!)

    M. A. Murphy
    Ringmistress of Rejection :)

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