David Foster Wallace and Mark Costello Talk Hip-Hop

July 21, 2013 | 1 book mentioned 2

The book David Foster Wallace co-authored with Mark Costello about the pair’s “uncomfortable, somewhat furtive, and distinctively white enthusiasm for a certain music called rap/hip-hop” will be re-released in the US next Tuesday. UK readers look like they’re going to get a reissue of the book on their shelves as well.

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  1. David Foster Wallace has become Sylvia Plath in the afterlife, which means ‘they’ are marketing his legacy all wrong.

  2. I dunno Seth, I think re-publishing an earlier work with an updated cover isn’t that bad an idea. Have you seen the old cover for Signifying Rappers? And by the way, they “they” you reference is Little, Brown and Penguin UK.

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