McGregor Takes the IMPAC

June 13, 2012 | 1 book mentioned 2

Jon McGregor has won the International Impac Dublin Literary Award, otherwise known as the richest literary prize in all the land*, for his novel Even the Dogs. To check out the rest of the pool, you can revisit our coverage of both the long and shortlist for the prize. (McGregor’s tweet about this whole affair was pretty grand, by the way.) [*Ed note: a reader in the comments below has disputed this claim.]

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  1. Thanks for pointing that out, Tom. I’ve updated the post. I’ll admit that I’d always repeated the claim, despite knowing about the Nobel’s higher award, because I figured there was some manner of technicality involved. Going through the list on Wikipedia, my first suspicion was that the Impac was the only one open to a global field of authors, or that perhaps the more lucrative prizes were enacted (or had money added to them) after the Impac had already been set up. I don’t really believe that’s the case, so now I’m wondering why the claim’s been circulating, too.

    The Impac website claims that the prize is the largest “of its kind.” As someone who doesn’t know much about the other prizes on that Wikipedia list (other than the Nobel, which doesn’t apply to what I’m about to say), perhaps that means it’s the most lucrative international prize set up with the longlist/shortlist format. (The Nobel’s a wild guess for everybody until it’s awarded each year.)

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