Most Overrated Books

December 15, 2011 | 2

The Most Overrated Books of 2011 according to NY Daily News, and Steve Jobs is included?

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  1. The list was quite interesting and I do agree with some of the picks (including Steve Jobs) but then Mr. Nazaryan had to go and put this statement at the end of the article: “If you disagree with the above, by all means tell me how/why I am wrong. Not that I ever am.” Call me over-sensitive but that statement sounds plain arrogant to me regardless of Mr. Nazaryan’s reputation. if you are going to invite people into a discussion on why they agree or disagree with you why put the additional disclaimer “Not that i ever am.” Seems like his made up his mind so what’s the point of us even discussing why we agree or disagree with him? Waste of time.

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