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December 5, 2011 | 1 book mentioned 2

As e-books gain market share, publishers are gussying up book designs. Free Press vice president and publisher Martha K. Levin says, “the message [is] that even if you’re buying 90 percent of your books on your e-reader, this is the one that you want to have on your bookshelf.” The article highlights 1Q84 as an example of a successfully well-designed physical object, but if you haven’t seen a copy, check out Chip Kidd’s discussion of his work on the book.

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  1. I might only be the one here but I prefer the U.K. edition covers to Chip Kidd’s cover for the U.S. edition of 1Q84. No doubt Kidd’s design concept for the cover is brilliant (transparent jacket representing parallel worlds) but the end product with the faces and the slightly blocky artwork for the title doesn’t convey in me the sense of mystery and wonder I got from the story compared to the U.K. editions.

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