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December 6, 2011 | 4

coverIn my book reading “career,” it seems that I have been rather lucky with jumping from one great read to the next. I get a lot of great suggestions from friends, and/or just simply stick to an author I really like.

When a friend of mine tipped me off to a book called Lamb — by Christopher Moore — I knew by the fourth sentence in that Moore would now be one of those “authors that I really like.”

I went to a Jesuit university when I was in my 30s, and had the chance to study the Gospels (I am not what one would call a religious person…at all).

Moore’s study and mastery in Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Kung Fu, and most of all…HUMOR, make this adventure story of Jesus and his boyhood friend Biff fascinating and downright jaw-dropping.

Moore is smart. Moore is funny. Lamb is my favorite read of the year. Hands down. From Priest to Rabbi to bankrobber to librarian…if you don’t like this book, check yourself for a pulse.

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played bass in Guns N’ Roses for twelve years and co-wrote many of their most iconic songs. He formed Velvet Revolver with his former bandmate Slash and fronts his own band: Loaded. Duff is the author of It's So Easy: And Other Lies and writes weekly columns for SeattleWeekly.com and ESPN.com. He lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife, super-model Susan Holmes McKagan, and their two daughters.


  1. Christopher Moore has been a favorite for years. Lamb is probably his most approachable book for those unfamiliar with him. I highly recommend Practical Demonkeeping or Island of the Sequined Love Nun.

  2. Sought it for the BF’s daughter, highly recommend if you haven’t run across it…

    The Deptford Trilogy by Robertson Davies

    And okay, you got me, I sent a request to the library for Lamb. While I am not a religious person either, for some reason I like alternate stories to the ones we usually get.

    Fringe is good
    Cynthia in Seattle, the who LA chewed up and spit out

  3. @Jeremy, what are you talking about? Christopher Moore is about as far from right- wing as a person can get. He’s also extremely personable and interacts with his fans all the time.

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