Is This the Apocalypse?

May 19, 2011 | 2 books mentioned 4

The day has come. Amazon just announced that it is now selling more e-books than physical books, and its ad-infused “Kindle with Special Offers is already the bestselling member of the Kindle family.” Meanwhile, it’s still news when a well-known author publishes an e-book (in this case, Susan Orlean’s new Kindle Single Animalish).

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  1. Not the Apocalypse yet, by any means. The Kindle is still a novelty so I’m sure e-books are getting a ton of sales. They’re also offering them at great discounts and deals so it’s much cheaper to buy them than print books currently.

    I’m sure this will taper out as it becomes less of a novelty. I’m also sure that this doesn’t jeopardize the print industry. As a small example, my local Elliott Bay Books is still selling beautifully and is always full of folks getting books off of the “new in” shelf.

  2. I believe the downfall of the Kindle right now is the very news this is noting: It’s an influx of work. When the Kindle offers more books of cultural relevance and stance, I think then it may be news and worth having. Otherwise, yeah, I’ll stay on the smartass train about it, hah.

  3. The real question is what TYPES of books Amazon is referring to. I’m sure that they’ve always sold far more bestsellers than literary works anyway, so I bet that’s still where the comparison lies. I’m thinking there’s still not too much (if any) difference in the number of classics/literary/indie hard copies they sell.

  4. Definitely it is not an apocalypse it’s just a step forward in the future. And also for people like me (writers) it’s much more easier to publish an ebook than in print.

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