Tis the Season: Micro-Volunteering

Imagine how many volunteer hours you could log if volunteering was as easy as playing a game of FarmVille or watching a video on YouTube.  Now it is, thanks to Ben Rigby and the other folks at Sparked (formerly The Extraordinaries).  Sparked directs you to challenges suited to your skills and interests submitted by nonprofits around the country and the world who need help with brainstorming, copy editing, IT, translations, marketing, fund-raising, and more.  Now you can volunteer without leaving your desk.

is a staff writer for The Millions living in Virginia. She is a winner of the Virginia Quarterly's Young Reviewers Contest and has a doctorate from Stanford. Her writing has appeared in The Washington Times, In Character, VQR, Arts & Letters Daily, and The Daily Dish.

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  1. Microvolunteering still has quite a few wrinkles to iron out, and i don’t think that Sparked addresses all of them. One of the more interesting ideas ive seen thrown around is live collaboration so nfp’s can get some brainstorming going on the internet. Here is where i saw that, the group is called ChangeMachine and they are students at UChicago http://changem.org

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