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May 3, 2010 | 1 book mentioned 1

Amazon is now aggregating the data from the “highlighting” feature on the Kindle to find out what text is highlighted the most across all Kindle users. Amazon is calling the feature “Most Highlighted Passages of All Time” and the results couldn’t be more boring. (via)

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  1. This feature is ON by default and I just found out today by accident. I was in the middle of a page, and there it was suddenly staring at me: a highlighted paragraph. I thought my device had gone nuts!
    If I wanted a highlighted, commented book I would buy a used book in poor condition. Now, why would I want to recreate that experience on my Kindle?

    Not only are these highlights an obnoxious distraction, but they can also serve as spoilers. Amazon should give you the option of enabling highlights when you start reading, instead of assuming everyone loves marked and commented books. I hate it when people highlight library books and now I have to put up with it on my e-books?

    It took me several minutes to find out how to turn it off, but in the brief time it was active, this feature interfered with my reading: I had to stop, go online, read half a dozen articles about this topic where the only concern was people worried about their privacy, and by then my reading time was up.

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