An Exclusive Look at the Cover of Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom

March 29, 2010 | 1 book mentioned 12

coverWe learned recently that Jonthan Franzen’s long-awaited follow-up to The Corrections, a new novel called Freedom, will arrive at the end of August. Now we have a cover too.

Franzen’s name looms appropriately large on the cover (in a font that recalls Ed Ruscha [edit: or Wayne White]), as does what appears to be a variety of blue jay a Cerulean Warbler. All of this is set atop a lake scene at sunset, the evergreen trees in the background suggesting northern latitudes.

As we noted in our 2010 book preview: “The excerpt from the novel that appeared last year [in The New Yorker] was notable for its return to the more generous ironies that endeared The Corrections to our ‘Best Fiction of the Millennium (So Far) panel.'”

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  1. Look at that cover! I could already see it being picked for Oprah’s Book Club and Franzen’s subsequent rejection.

  2. Odd cover. I like most of the individual elements but not together. Also seems like a silly title, but none of it will matter, of course, if the book’s good.

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