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  1. Thanks for pointing me to the Sam Miller blog post. I too am fed up with reports about the death of the short story. Just take a look at how many short story collections are being published this year (The Short Review's ever-expanding list). Hundreds and hundreds. And that is even with editors' and publishers' apparent disinterest in collections. Now we just have to make sure they get read.

    The The Short Review

  2. Thanks for tipping off folks to the Steve Jobs Gets Right with Reading contest at The Raleigh Quarterly. The irony of launching a new online magazine when the world's most powerful Steves (that'd be Jobs and King) are down on the rite of reading isn't lost even on us earnest folks at the RQ. But we believe that while distribution channels change almost as frequently as slang, certain things endure — like the need to connect through story. We plan to deliver those sweet sensations in our April debut, while experimenting with delivery. So please, let us know what you want in an online magazine … Again, thanks!

    The RQ

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