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October 29, 2007 | 3 books mentioned 1

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  1. After seeing Transit Maps of the World mentioned here, I got really excited about it and decided to pick it up at my local bookstore. I am a big fan of Ed Tufte's books and was hoping this would be similar.

    Also, for nostalgia's sake, I wanted to feast my eyes on Mumbai's transit maps. I am sorry to report that the book can hardly be called Transit Maps of the WORLD.

    Unless I missed seeing it because I flipped too fast, important ones such as Mumbai's, which has the highest passenger density of any urban railway system in the world, are not included.

    In a notoriously chaotic city, Mumbai's transit works so smoothly commuters set their watches to it.

    I was disappointed. As compensation, I came home and re-read my Tufte books instead.

    I liked the premise of the book and the maps included were a fun geography lesson. I just think the title is a bit too grandiose.

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