Ask A Book Question: The Tenth in a Series: (Me no habla espanol)

November 11, 2003 | 2 books mentioned 2

Brian needs our help:

max – the new Gabriel Garcia Marquez [Living to Tell the Tale] and Alvaro Mutis [The Mansion & Other Stories] books have gotten me interested in Spanish-speaking writers… throw the question up on your blog re: which is the best mario vargas llosa novel, which is the best one to start with, etc… also, julio cortazar… any

So, my experience with Spanish speaking writers is pretty much limited to Garcia Marquez, Mutis, and Borges. My question that I would add to Brian’s question is: are there any other literary masters that come from the Latin American or Spanish tradition. For myself, I am just glad that I have saved a couple of Garcia Marquez’s books to read so that I can forestall the inevitable sense of loss that I will feel once I have read everything he has written. As a side note, until now, I hadn’t ever really thought about just how bittersweet it is reading everything by a beloved author. But anyway, folks, anyone out there who can help on this… please chime in and give us some advice by using the comments below.

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  1. Rain of Gold By Victor Villensenor is lovely book. I have read all of Marquez's books and equally enjoyed Rain of Gold…

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