Lauren Groff and the Artist’s Response to Climate Change

February 21, 2020

Like many people, novelist Lauren Groff is filled with anxiety about the future of our planet’s environment and climate. To combat the feeling of hopelessness, she partnered with Greenpeace on a new campaign to get artists to respond creatively to climate change, a movement she discusses with Jason Katz in Ploughshares. “Everybody on the planet can write or draw or make a sculpture that responds to climate change,” Gross says. “That act alone may make them feel less frozen—it may make them begin to march and protest and boycott and fight back. And art can strike the emotional note that makes people start to move and act and change.”

Image credit: PdPhoto

is a writer and illustrator. She is the author of two illustrated books, Last Night's Reading (Penguin Books, 2015) and Sanpaku (Archaia 2018).

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