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November 27, 2019

Dear Millions Readers:

It has been a year of change and growth for The Millions, but one thing that remains constant is the challenge of running and maintaining a culture-focused online magazine.

Today, we’re asking our readers to support the site, not because we’re in financial trouble but because—to quote Millions founder Max Magee—“it is time for you and us to take our destiny into our own hands as much as is possible.”

To that end, please visit our Membership Page and consider supporting the site by becoming a Millions Member.

The process is secure, simple, and speedy—and we have a number of tiers that make membership manageable for any budget.

Your membership will be used to pay our staff writers, editors, web developers, and interns. Also, it will help make The Millions an attractive place to write—and allow us to expand what we do and adapt to the changing media landscape.

As a member, you’ll also receive access to exclusive book giveaways and a monthly newsletter in which our staffers recommend books—new and old and sometimes very, very old—that they’re particularly excited about.

More than ever, the way to secure the future of our favorite magazines and websites is to pay for them. It’s because of our members that The Millions is able to remain a vital and unique destination for bookish readers everywhere.

And because our future is as a reader-supported site, we ask you to become a Millions Member today.

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