Pynchon by Way of ‘Sally Forth’

July 26, 2009 | 1 book mentioned

Pynchon Sally ForthReaders of the Sunday funnies may have spotted an odd juxtaposition somewhere between “Garfield” and “Beetle Bailey” this morning. “Sally Forth” writer Ces Marciuliano has reimagined the opening lines of Pynchon’s postmodern classic Gravity’s Rainbow as a baseball-themed essay by grade-schooler Hilary. We will be running an essay here on literary mashups tomorrow, but this has to be one of the stranger intersections – the banality of the comics page, crossed with one of the more famously challenging novels in history. What a goofy, subversive thing to do.

See Also: Pynchon fans, Inherent Vice drops in just a week.

[Image and link via Ces Marciuliano]

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