The Plains of Passage

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Ask a Book Question: The 48th in a Series (Earth’s Children Finale)


Pam writes in asking when the final book in a long running series will be published:Do you have any information as to when the sixth (and I believe final) volume in Jean Auel’s Earth’s Children series is due for publication?Auel’s series about a group of prehistoric people was launched in 1980 with the wildly successful Clan of the Cave Bear. Since then, an additional four books in the series have been published, most recently, Shelters of Stone in 2002. According to the Auel fansite, Auel is currently writing the sixth book in the series, but considering that there was a twelve year layoff between Shelters of Stone and its predecessor, Plains of Passage, it should come as no surprise that neither a title or release date has been announced, and it may be several years before Auel completes her series.

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