The Meat and Spirit Plan

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A Year in Reading: Ben Ehrenreich

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Ben Ehrenreich is the author of the novel The Suitors. His journalism has appeared in many publications, from L.A. Weekly to Men’s Vogue to the New York Times Magazine.Someone sent me a copy of Selah Saterstrom’s The Meat and Spirit Plan, which I picked up casually and proceeded to read in, I think, two sittings. Really fierce, spare, terrific writing. Also, I spent a few months writing about the poet Frank Stanford, which gave me a good excuse to read and re-read The Battlefield Where the Moon Says I Love You, Stanford’s 15,283-line epic poem about – among other things – race, death, dreams, Hank Williams, Sonny Liston and the moon. It was once nearly impossible to find, but not anymore. One more epic: Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s The Wizard of the Crow. A floating dictator, globalization and myriad other forms of sorcery, humor so dark it glows.More from A Year in Reading 2007

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