Let Evening Come: Poems

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The Book Report: Episode 3: ‘God’ll Cut You Down’ by John Safran and ‘Let Evening Come’ by Jane Kenyon

Welcome to a special, only slightly depressing Christmas episode of The Book Report, presented by The Millions!

Discussed in this episode: God’ll Cut You Down by John Safran, cowboy hats, God, whiskey, white supremacists, murder, Australia, Mississippi, The Journalist and the Murderer by Janet Malcolm, Truman Capote, Walmart gift cards, Let Evening Come by Jane Kenyon, nature, God (again), animals, death, Christmas, Dylan Thomas, Armageddon (dir. Michael Bay).

Not discussed in this episode: Janet is wearing a sweater that she made. Michael is filming in front of a Christmas tree that he helped decorate.

Discussed in portions of this episode that have been edited out: Redacted. December is hard. You know? It just is.

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