Leave the World Behind: A Novel

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Rumaan Alam on Genre Snobbery

At the Paris Review, author Rumaan Alam discusses his suspenseful new book, Leave the World Behind, and the efficiency of genre writing. “I think there is a prevailing snobbery about writing horror or thriller, ‘genre fiction,’ that it’s fundamentally less serious. I don’t think that’s true. Because, in the end, it’s really about building a very efficient machine in order to achieve a very specific goal,” he says. “The author wants to make you quake. He wants to make you shiver. He wants to terrify you. Literary fiction is a genre all its own, with its own expectations and conventions, and the aim is less often to elicit that emotional response. It’s more often about doing something compelling on the level of language or style—it’s a different kind of endeavor. But I don’t think that means one is better than the other.” 

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