Good Talk: A Memoir in Conversations

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The Importance of Conversations with Mira Jacob


Mira Jacob went on a stroll through Brooklyn with Isaac Fitzgerald, as part of his Walk It Off series, and discussed how key conversations sparked the idea for her graphic memoir, Good Talk. “Conversations are so important to me,” Jacob says. “Again, my original interest in storytelling were to capture the stories of my parents, right? The conversations I had with them. So I realized that I could do a book filled with only drawings and conversations. I don’t have to do a lot of world building. I can quickly get to the good part. I can get to the part that I like, which is the talking. Plus, it felt personal. Which is what a memoir is. Personal. Every conversation I wrote—every moment I tried to capture through drawing— it really was just for me. That whole book was for me. I wrote it just for me.”

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