Bernardine Evaristo’s Path to Success

February 15, 2022

At The New Yorker, Anna Russell speaks with Bernardine Evaristo about her new memoir, Manifesto: On Never Giving Up. Evaristo reflects on early days of literary experimenting and writing “fusion fiction;” her leaving and reentering the heterosexual dating scene and eventually meeting her husband on a dating app; and her many years of living paycheck to paycheck.

When asked why she thought it had taken so long for her to find a wide readership, Evaristo was diplomatic, pointing out that though it had been a long wait for her, some women of color had risen faster. “There are always exceptions,” Evaristo says.

Emma Paterson, Evaristo’s agent, adds that, “there’s a myth in British publishing, which is overwhelmingly white, that books about Black British characters—Black British women—don’t sell, and that Evaristo has, “had to work her way through glass walls.”

is an assistant editor at The Millions. She is a graduate of the Inkluded Academy 2021, a summer publishing course for graduates from BIPOC communities, and works as a freelance writer and uploading specialist.

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