Lynne Tillman Doesn’t Write About Art

“This doesn’t really tell you what he was like. I say what we did togetherthat he helped mewhat I think he liked. I don’t know how to say what he was like. I loved him.” For The Los Angeles Review of Books, an interview with Lynne Tillman on her relationship with art historian, critic, and theorist Craig Owens, who died 29 years ago at the age of 39. Tillman discusses Owens’s idea of writing “alongside,” not “about,” art, adding, “I don’t expect answers from art. It doesn’t speak as people or other animals do…I’m speaking and looking ‘at’ or ‘to’ an artwork; I am not explaining it, not talking ‘about’ it, but addressing myself ‘to’ it.”

is an aspiring academic born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She's just moved to Madison, Wisconsin for a PhD in English, and hopes to use the next several years to get really into eating cheese curds and having "a mind of winter," as per Wallace Stevens.

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