Jenny Diski In Memoriam

December 12, 2016 | 1

“On the outside, she was immaculately poised, always elegantly dressed, with perfectly cut, silver hair; witty, brilliant company, properly opinionated, impatient with compromise or cant, what the book blurbs called ‘fiercely intelligent.’ But this came at a cost.” Jenny Diski‘s husband, the poet Ian Patterson, remembers his wife for The Guardian.

is social media editor at The Millions. She lives in Brooklyn where she's currently working on her first novel. Find her online @kirstinbutler, and of course, on The Millions‘ feeds.

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  1. I’ve read (wolfed down) every single one of the (dozens/ hundreds of?) pieces JD wrote for the LRB … along with In Gratitude and The Sixties. Clear-eyed, honest, fearless and pretenses-shrivellingly witty from beginning to her literal end. I can think of thirty of her colleagues (and a few civilians), off the top of my head, I wish that we could trade for her back.

    A link to JD in fine form:

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