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July 3, 2016 | 1

Is Karl Ove Kanusgaard’s seven-volume, 3,600-page, vaugely-autobiographical epic possible to pitch over the course of an elevator ride? The good people over at n+1 are willing to give it a shot! Have you ever wondered about the view outside of Knausgaard’s window? I bet you have now.

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  1. This is the thing that mystifies me about Knausgaard. However good or bad the books are (I’ve only read the first one), how on earth – in this age, in this economy – did he convince a publisher to that a seven-part quasi-autobiographical series was a good idea? How did he pitch it so that a publisher would say “YES LET’S PRINT ALL OF THEM”? Was it really the strength of his previous work? It’s a head-scratcher for anyone who’s ever tried to pitch just one book.

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