Wells Tower on Your TV Screen

July 26, 2014 | 3

Talk about burying the lede. This article about Alec Baldwin’s return to television acting, and how he’ll be playing “a Rob Ford-type mayor of New York,” doesn’t make a big deal out of the show’s pilot writer. But it should. Because his name is Wells Tower.

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  1. No, that’s really not burying the lede. Almost everyone has heard of Alec Baldwin, but hardly anyone outside of the small world of literary fiction has heard of Wells Tower. If the article lead off with a reference to Tower, most Deadline Hollywood readers would probably skip it. Baldwin is the story, not Tower.

  2. In retrospect, that last sentence should have been, “To Deadline Hollywood readers, Baldwin is the story, not Tower.” It all depends on the audience. If the story was in a literary publication then, yes, that would have been burying the lede. I didn’t at all intend to denigrate Wells Tower – though I haven’t read his work, I’ve heard great things about him.

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