The End of Marcus Books

May 14, 2014 | 1

The novel might not be dead, but some independent bookstores are struggling to stay alive. Last week, we reported that America’s oldest LGBT bookstore, Giovanni’s Room, is closing soon. Now, America’s oldest black bookstore, Marcus Books, has received an eviction notice. The 54-year-old bookstore is a mainstay of San Francisco’s African American Fillmore District but hasn’t been able to pay its rent for a while.

is an associate editor for The Millions and an editor in Atlanta. She tweets at @temalone.

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  1. Apparently those saying society cause. The demise of once famous? Bookstore no more to endure. Sadly, family squabbles lack effort. To prioritize financial means finally. End Karen why? Did sign with PLM there not harsh company. Understand loan terms they extended. Commercial
    adjustable loan does what. Increase in interest Karen your efficient. Math
    why not fix rate credit. Was the business Blanche gambling. Effected the
    quality of Marcus books. You’ll be remember the most nasty. Behavior “The
    Witch of Fillmore” Karen Johnson! Your saying preferential treatment? Give to many others whom lost. Business assurance typical response. Inept blaming society don’t go there! Why Marcus Books wasn’t library. Specialized literary idea nothing more. Selling items which heritage. Had no interest upon down street. Gangs Hip Hop and narcotics. Harass residents this Black thang. Were are the beneficiaries of Marcus Books. Knowledge false assurance yeah Black power. When ran up debt Blacks only. Talk didn
    t assist you Sweis. Jordanian not racist banks wrote. Before 2013 loan taken out 2006? Gotten away long enough usually. Term is 2yrs evictions special
    case. PLM was lenient Karen thanks. For the memories eventually. Marcus
    books going close due. Neighborhood seldom attract younger Blacks. Matter of fact do have acknowledge. So called Black establishment. Rhetoric and renaissance extreme. Why Blacks on low economic. Spectrum hello,
    telling lies generalizing. Marcus books influence whom? Certainly not Blacks Bay Area majority. Peasant mentally envious blaming everyone. Karen inquire to Cecil Williams. Glide Foundation to assist you? Cause of Black disparity in Bay Area. Oakland is statement of cultural failure. Bye

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