Matthiessen’s Beginnings

April 10, 2014 | 1 book mentioned 1

In memory of Peter Matthiessen, The Missouri Review has unlocked an interview with him from 1989. Matthiessen detailed the beginning of his writing career. “I started my first novel and sent off about four chapters and waited by the post office for praise to roll in, calls from Hollywood, everything. Finally my agent sent me a letter that said ‘Dear Peter, James Fenimore Cooper wrote this a hundred and fifty years ago, only he wrote it better. Yours, Bernice.’ I probably needed that; it was very healthy.” For more Matthiessen, you can read one of his best travel essays or his new novel, In Paradise.

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  1. The Los Angeles Review of Books has a great interview, one of the last ones Matthiessen gave. It’s far more enlightening at this moment. I urge everyone to read it and contemplate Matthiessen’s impact.

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