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January 17, 2014 | 1

What can you do with all the snow? Shelley Jackson is making stories out of it. The artist is writing a story entirely in snow. You can read the first 200 words of her tale on her Flickr. It begins,  “To approach snow too closely is to forget what it is…”

is an associate editor for The Millions and an editor in Atlanta. She tweets at @temalone.

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  1. Fascinated by ephemera. Reminds me of the “giant icicle” from west-side Saskatoon a few winters ago. (BIO: “I’m a huge icicle clinging tenaciously to a west-side Saskatoon building. My Mother is driven snow, my Dad is Old Man Winter. My goal is to be a glacier.”)

    The icicle’s tweets slowly petered out as he melted away and ended on the first of March. Check out at: @gianticicle

    Also reminds me of Japanese parties to view the moon, and picnics to view the cherry blossoms. Beauty and melancholy blending together. Very different mood to life in US.

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