He Linked To A Site That Wasn’t Literary. What Happened Next Will Shock You.

January 2, 2014 | 3

OK, it’s not exactly “literary,” but nevertheless I promise that “Upworthy Springfield” is worth your time.

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  1. a.) Could you be living next to a chain-saw killer? One little boy’s rear-window peepshow of horror!

    b.)She tried

  2. Oops, premature “submit” I have clearly watched too many “Simpsons” episodes. This could be addictive.

    b.) She tried to tell them that jazz was in her heart, but all they could say was “Cease the sax, little gal!”

    c.) “They told me I could stay forever,” sobs ousted WWII vet. Sad story from Springfield’s own King Lear.

    d.) Stateless. Sad stories of the undocumented animated. Where do they come from? Where are they going?

    e.) OUTCAST! The horror of a Five-Fingered Freak.


  3. Realize mine aren’t as relentlessly perky and upbeat as true “Upworthy” candidates, but I just can’t resist the writing style!

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